Mall Grande

Location and Infrastructure


Mall Grande is gong to be built on an almost rectangular land plot with an area of 19,018 sq.m. located in the Eastern Industrial Zone of the town. The land plot is located some 15 to 20 minutes walk from the center of the town and a 5-minute walk from one of the most important intersections in Kardjali, that of Belomorski Blvd. and Bulgaria Blvd. Kardjali main bus station is located right next to that intersection. Bordering the land plot to the south are several private gardens that continue to the bank of Arda river. On the other side of the river there are several residential neighborhoods as well as the South Industrial Zone of Kardjali. To the north-east of the land plot is located Kardjali central train station and many of the biggest factories in the town.


The main shortcoming of the land plot is the fact that it is located behind the rail road linking Kardjali with the village of Podkova (which is the final station on the rail road and the traffic to which is slow). In order to reach the land plot one has to pass through a barrier on the rail road which separates the East Industrial Zone from Belomorski Blvd. However, right next to the land plot there is an existing overpass (over Belomorski Blvd.), which so far has been used to supply the factories in the area with hot water. The overpass can be converted into a modern pedestrian facility linking the mall with Kardjali main bus station on the other side of the boulevard.


Our estimates indicate that on normal working days Mall Grande will be visited by between 6,250 and 11,500 people with this number expected to increase by at least 50% during the major Islamic and Christian holidays. One should add to this the potential flow of tourists from neighboring Greece expected after the opening of Makaza border crossing.